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GT1000FX-2U GT1000FX-2U
The MATRIX GT1000FX-2u is a lightweight, 2U format stereo rack mount power amplifier designed specifically for use by guitarists who need a power amplifier in the studio that can also handle the rigours of live and tou­ring use. The 2...
€586.21 exc. VAT
GT1000FX-1U GT1000FX-1U
The MATRIX GT1000FX-1u is a light­weight 1U format stereo rack mount power ampli­fier designed specifi­cally for use by guita­rists that builds on the Matrix heri­tage. The GT1000FX is desig­ned with a full range of guitar pro­ducts in...
€586.21 exc. VAT
GT1600FX GT1600FX
The MATRIX GT1600FX is a 1600 watt (bridged mono @ 8 ohms) power amp. Class A/B output power amp designed for guita­rists wanting ultra light­weight, linear, high powered rack mounted amps for use with model­ling and pre amp solu­tions...
€754.31 exc. VAT
FR12 Active Monitor FR12 Active Monitor
The FR12 is a small, light powerhouse. With its compact dimensions and a weight of only 12.9 kg it can be carried easily with just one hand, leaving your other hand free for other important things, such as a second FR12, for example. It...
€671.55 exc. VAT
Q12 Passive Monitor Q12 Passive Monitor
The MATRIX Q12 is loaded with a 12″ coaxial driver which has a dispersion pattern of 80 degrees, which ensures the same sweet spot of sound is heard by the guitarist as they move around the stage. Having received countless requests from...
€586.21 exc. VAT
CFR12 Passive Monitor CFR12 Passive Monitor
The MATRIX CFR 12 is designed as a full range, full res­ponse audio moni­tor and offers with his compact 12” coaxial s­olution a trans­parent sound with a punch that belies its small size and its weight of only 12.9 kg . The CFR12 is the...
€586.21 exc. VAT