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SHIPPING IN Q 3 - Pre-order now, no deposit needed! A striking minimalist design with... more

SHIPPING IN Q 3 - Pre-order now, no deposit needed!

A striking minimalist design with rounded cylindrical and ergonomic features!

The Gittler Guitar is manufac­tured enti­rely of 6AL-4V aircraft grade Tita­nium.

Rounded Frets
31 of them in fact! The frets, like the majority of the instrument, are cylindrical­. Here we have another classic example of form following func­tion. A cylinder provides the smallest possible contact area for the string. Precisely defined fret spacing is the cornerstone of perfect into­nation.

Patented Tuning Machines
The headless guitar tuners were developed in New York by Allan Gittler in the early 1970’s. It was Patent Pen­ding until 1978 at which time it received US Patent #4079652, preceding Stein­berger’s re-imagining of the design by 2 years. It’s description of the preferred embodiment is very clear and simplistic.

Headless Guitar Design
Our newly improved headstock “string lock” mecha­nism provides an isolated vice grip on each string indivi­dually and prevents your pitch from wandering. Like the rest of the instrument, it is a minima­listic design that makes string changes simple and fast. Because the string is not wound around a post, the chance for core and winding fatigue at such points is elimi­nated.

Dedicated Electronics
The guitar benefits from active electronics and both standard 1/4″ and Hexaphonic outputs. The small E-Box at the back of the inst­rument has a volume wheel. The guitar is designed to work with most 13 pin guitar synthe­sizers and can connect to your computer for use with musical notation programs or processing software. There is no need for an exter­nally mounted synth pickup since each of our magneti­cally isolated transducers sends an indi­vidual signal that provides for optimal tracking.

LED color: White, Blue, Yellow, Red

Includes: Deluxe metal hardshell case, Tripod tummy bout. LOXX™ strap lock attachments