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G66 AX8/FX8/MFC Bag G66 AX8/FX8/MFC Bag
Bag to use for the AX8, FX8 and MFC-101. Made in Italy.
€41.18 exc. VAT
G66 XLR Cable G66 XLR Cable
XLR Male / XLR Female / 1m or 6m / Waterproof. For connecting the symmetrical OUT1 output of an Axe-Fx II or AX8 with the symmetrical XLR input of a mixing desk or any other symmetrical XLR inputs, such as those of our Matrix products.
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From €10.08 exc. VAT
G66 TRS Cable 60cm G66 TRS Cable 60cm
G66 TRS Cable 60cm 6,3mm Stereo-Jack / 6,3mm Stereo-Jack. For connecting expression pedals such as the Fractal Audio EV-1 and EV-2 or the Mission EP-1 and EP1-SPL to an MFC-101, AX8 or FX8. When using a Mission SP-1 two cables are needed.
€10.08 exc. VAT
G66 Humbuster Cable G66 Humbuster Cable
G66 Humbuster™ Cable / 6,3mm Mono-Jack / 6,3mm Stereo-Jack / 1m or 5m or 10m. Humbuster™ cables help reduce noise caused by ground loops when used with the special outputs of the Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II / XL+, AX8 or FX8.
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G66 Ethercon Cable 6m G66 Ethercon Cable 6m
To use with: Axe-Fx II Mark II/XL → MFC-101 MK II / III. If you buy an MFC-101 with the Axe-Fx II XL+ we will enclose a 6m XLR cable free of charge and you won't need this cable.
€28.57 exc. VAT
G66 Ethercon/Ethernet Cable 10m G66 Ethercon/Ethernet Cable 10m
To use with: Axe-Fx II Mark I → MFC-101 MK II / III Axe-Fx II Mark II/XL → MFC-101 MK I
€28.57 exc. VAT