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THE WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL PROCESSOR The Axe-Fx III MK II is the latest in Fractal Audio's... more


The Axe-Fx III MK II is the latest in Fractal Audio's line of the world’s most powerful all-in-one processors for guitar, bass, and other instruments. This new model offers their latest "Cygnus" amp modeling technology, thousands of UltraRes™ speaker cab simulations, and state-of-the-art effect algorithms, all backed with more raw power and feature upgrades than any Fractal Audio product before. Fractal Audio's vision was to take the Axe-Fx to a whole new level: to create a totally redesigned platform that sounds better, does more, and is easier to use. Equipped with four processors, the Axe-Fx III contains more raw processing power than any guitar product ever made, by far.

In comparison to the original version of the Axe-Fx III, the Mark II features the following upgrades:

  • New IPS Display with improved contrast, viewing angles and more vivid colors.

  • Double the preset memory = space for 1024 presets.

  • Adjustable RGB LEDs let you set the color and brightness of the front panel logo.

  • Increased flash memory for future updates.

The hardware of the Axe-Fx III was designed around a streamlined new workflow. The centerpiece is a dazzling new high-contrast full-color display with 30x the resolution of previous products. This display works alongside five new endless-rotary push encoders. These “push-knobs” do different things on different pages, with labels to show dynamic functions. The end result is a user experience that’s immediately more intuitive. The display also excels at animation for meters, modifiers, and more.

Better sound quality has been achieved through an audiophile-grade signal path. The difference shines through in lower noise floor, pristine clarity, and better USB audio performance than most dedicated audio interfaces. Computer audio integration now includes a professional-quality 24-bit/48k 8×8 interface. Record multiple tracks of processed audio at the same time, plus a DI. The re-amping workflow is improved with independent monitoring of backing tracks and re-processed guitar tones while you dial in a sound. Physically, the Axe-Fx III continues our tradition of combining extraordinary design with manufacturing quality rugged enough to withstand the rigors of life on the road. The unit is housed in a steel enclosure with a one-piece anodized aluminum faceplate/bezel featuring a glowing Axe-Fx III logo.

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