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The MFC-101 MK III  Foot Cont­roller is the per­fect control center for the Axe-Fx II /... more

The MFC-101 MK III Foot Cont­roller is the per­fect control center for the Axe-Fx II / XL+. It puts power­ful remote control capa­bili­ties at your feet with the abi­lity to select pre­sets, turn effects on and off, tap tempo, and much more. Con­nect up to four expres­sion pedals to control effects like wah, volume, whammy and more, and four external swit­ches for even more cont­rol options. This rugged, road-ready pedal­board works great to control other MIDI devi­ces as well. The new MFC-101 MK3 is equipped with a FASLINK connector for direct interconnection with the Axe-Fx II XL. It also has an EtherCON and MIDI ports of the earlier model.

The MFC-101 is designed and built to last, ready for life on the road and great night after night on-stage performance:

  • 16-gauge powder-coated steel chassis.
  • Twenty-one quiet SOLID STATE SWITCHES in 3 ergonomic tiers
  • Patented SSS switches are easy to operate, very quiet, and far more failure resistant than traditional footswitches.
  • Twenty one bi-color LEDs
  • Brilliant 20-character transflective display
  • Jacks for 4 expression pedals and 4 external switches
  • Ethercon to connect an Axe-Fx II (Eliminates ACadapter AND Phantom power!)
  • FASLINK port to connect an Axe-Fx II over a single XLR cable.
  • 7-pin MIDI out supports phantom powering the unit

With incredibly flexible MIDI capabilities and a range of connector options, the MFC-101 is designed to fit diverse needs. A typical scenario is depicted below, showing the MFC-101 with 4 external expression pedals and 4 external switches connected to an Axe-Fx II by a CAT5 cable (which also powers the MFC-101 without the need for an AC adapter.) An outboard MIDI device is connected at the THRU port of the Axe-Fx II, which is itself connected via USB to a computer for simultaneous editing/recording. Nearly infinite possible scenarios exist; see the MFC-101 or Axe-Fx II user manuals for more ideas.

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