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EP1 Expression Pedal EP1 Expression Pedal
AGOTADO - DISPONIBLE DE NUEVO A FINALES DE JUNIO PEDAL DE EXPRESIÓN MISSION EP-1 El Mission EP-1 es un pedal de expresión profesional de un solo canal, fabricado completamente en metal. Es ideal para el Fractal Audio Axe-Fx & MFC-101....
€ 159,00
€ 133,61 sin IVA
EP1-SPL Expression Pedal EP1-SPL Expression Pedal
The Mission EP1-SPL is a profes­sional quality, all metal, single channel and spring loaded expres­sion pedal. Ideal for the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx, AX8, FX8 MKII & MFC-101 SPRING-LOADED CONTROL The spring loaded EP1-SPL will return the...
€ 169,00
€ 142,02 sin IVA
SP-1 Expression Pedal SP-1 Expression Pedal
The Mission SP-1 is a profes­sional quality, all metal, single chan­nel expres­sion pedal with addi­tional Toe Switch. Ideal for the Axe-Fx II/XL+, AX8, FX8 MKII and MFC-101 Midi foot Controller There are two 1/4" output jacks, one for...
€ 169,00
€ 142,02 sin IVA
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