Q12a Active Monitor - Demo/B-stock

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  • 2030-B
The MATRIX Q12a  is heard by the guita­rist as they move around the stage. Power for the... more

The MATRIX Q12a is heard by the guita­rist as they move around the stage. Power for the Q12a is provi­ded by Matrix’s highly res­pected GM50 mono-bloc module, already proven and used by profes­sional cab buil­ders and DIY buffs alike. Delivering plenty of high quality class A/B power with the same voi­cing as our flagship GT1000fx amp ensures an uncoloured valve like feel with enough power to handle the lou­dest of on stage situa­tions.

FULL RANGE - FULL RESPONSE: Traditional guitar cabinets impart their own character on top of the tone the modellers create. Matrix have created a transparent solution that enables the modeller to shine through.

COAXIAL IS THE MAGIC WORD: With a traditional guitar speaker being limited in frequency response it was important to utilise a full range system. This is normally achieved using one speaker cone to produce the low frequencies and a separate tweeter loaded on a horn to fill in the top end sparkle. The disadvantage of this approach is the sound is coming from two separate locations which create phasing issues as you walk around the stage. The guitarist’s ear is always a different distance to each source of sound. The solution to this is the use of a coaxial driver, whereby the high and low frequency drivers are located on the same axis

  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Power Handling: 260W RMS - Active
  • Dimensions (mm): 375 H x 455 W x 285 D
  • Connections: GM50 = Combi Input
  • Cabinet = Combi Input + Combi Output
  • Weight: 16.8 kg