Q12 Passive Monitor

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  • 2011
The MATRIX Q12 is loaded with a 12″ coaxial driver which has a dispersion pattern of 80... more

The MATRIX Q12 is loaded with a 12″ coaxial driver which has a dispersion pattern of 80 degrees, which ensures the same sweet spot of sound is heard by the guitarist as they move around the stage. Having received countless requests from guitarists for all the benefits of the CFR12 passive wedges, but in the form of a guitar cabinet suitable for back-line use, Matrix Amplification has come up with the following answer: the Q12, a coaxial 1x12” cabinet weighing in at just 15kg. The aim was to develop a system that makes full use of both the amp and cabinet modelling capabilities of new digital modelling pre-amps such as the Axe-Fx.

With a traditional guitar speaker being limited in frequency response it was important to utilise a full range system. This is normally achieved using one speaker cone to produce the low frequencies and a separate tweeter loaded on a horn to fill in the top end sparkle. The disadvantage of this approach is the sound is coming from two separate locations which create phasing issues as you walk around the stage. The guitarist’s ear is always a different distance to each source of sound. The solution to this is the use of a coaxial driver, whereby the high and low frequency drivers are located on the same axis.

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