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FM3 B-stock FM3 B-stock
A FEW B-STOCK UNITS AVAILABLE in perfect condition incl. full 3-year warranty The FM3 is an all-in-one amp modeler, effects processor and foot controller. It features Fractal Audio's industry-leading Cygnus amp modeling, a technology...
Excl. VAT: €1,091.60 VAT: €207.40 *
FC-6 Foot Controller B-stock FC-6 Foot Controller B-stock
A FEW B-STOCK/DEMO UNITS AVAILABLE The new FC-6 is the perfect way to control to your performances with the Axe-Fx III. This tough next-gen controller offers an impressive suite of features and capabilities, incorporating years of...
Excl. VAT: €461.34 VAT: €87.66 *
Q12 Passive Monitor- B-stock Q12 Passive Monitor- B-stock
A FEW DEMO / B-STOCK UNITS AVAILABLE The MATRIX Q12 is loaded with a 12″ coaxial driver which has a dispersion pattern of 80 degrees, which ensures the same sweet spot of sound is heard by the guitarist as they move around the stage....
Excl. VAT: €503.36 VAT: €95.64 *
CFR12 Passive Monitor-B-stock CFR12 Passive Monitor-B-stock
A FEW DEMO / B-STOCK UNITS AVAILABLE The MATRIX CFR 12 is designed as a full range, full res­ponse audio moni­tor and offers with his compact 12” coaxial s­olution a trans­parent sound with a punch that belies its small size and its...
Excl. VAT: €503.36 VAT: €95.64 *